Art Journal Swapping

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For so long I’ve been wanting to get into a group where I can work with other Art Journalist. The only person that I know (personally) who works in a journal, or even does art, is my mom.

I’m apart of a few Facebook groups that are for Art Journalists like Art Journal Junkies and Journal 52 and they are such great resources if you’re into art journaling. You get to talk to new people, get reviews on products you haven’t yet tried, and get inspiration from other’s work. It’s pretty amazing, these people.

All of these groups are great, but I wanted something a little more interactive. Something that would let me get to know other artists on a more personal level and develop relationships. That’s when Art Journal Swaps was born!

Art Journal Swaps is a group where, obviously, you swap journals. It’s more than just swapping with one person, you swap with a whole group! You have 6 different people working in your journal. It becomes an amazing piece of art. I’ve made a video on what Art Journal Swaps is all about. Check it out and come join in on the fun in the Art Journal Swaps group!

Have you been apart of a journal swap? How did it work out for you? Did you have fun seeing other artist’s work in your journal?

Have a Merry Christmas, Lovelies! 

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”

– Cecil B. DeMille


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