New Year, New You!

Happy New Year

Well hello 2015!! Didn’t we just celebrate 2014? Man, time sure does fly by. For the New Year, I want to make some changes in my life (I think we all could use a fresh start every now and then). So, today, I wanted to share with y’all my goals for the new year, along with all of the projects I have lined up for 2015, AND what you can expect from this blog in 2015! It’s gonna be a lengthy post, so grab your cup of tea and sit in your comfy chair! 🙂

First, I’ll start off with telling you all my goals for the New Year.

Love & Marriage
First and foremost, I want to have more time with my hubby. Yeah, we spend a lot of time together, but we often get caught up in everyday life and forget to take time out for the two of us. In the coming year, that’s going to change!

Do More Art!
Something that, I think, just about all of us artsy people struggle with is finding the time to dedicate just to creating. One of my goals is to make more time to do what I love. I want to get my hands messy with paint more often!

I know I can be kind of in and out with posting on here and that’s one thing I definitely want to change. I’ll be setting up a schedule to follow for my posts for 2015 to be more consistent. I’ll let you know down below that to expect from Creative Lovelie in the New Year.

Lastly, I want to make more of an effort to do more Random Acts of Kindness. I feel the world needs more good & more people who are kind to strangers. Lets make the world a better place, one RAK at a time! ❤

I also want to tel you about all the projects I’m going to be working on this year..

Project Life
Yes, I’ve fallen into the trap that is Project Life. With all of the cute cards and pretty layout, how could anyone resist?! I started my creative journey about 4 years ago and I started with scrapbooking. In the past few years, scrapbooking has been on the sidelines while I work on mixed media and photography, so Project Life is definitely an easier way for me to fill the scrapbooking void in my life!

The Documented Life Project
A lot of you have probably heard about this awesome little freebie by now, but this will be my first year doing DLP. For those of you that aren’t familiar with The Documented Life Project, its hosted by Art to the 5th Academy and it’s a completely free, year-long course. They do have some additional courses that you pay for (like the Cover Story course) but the main course if free and open to all. They recommend having the Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Journal, but you can use any journal that you want. Another thing that’s awesome about this course, is that there aren’t any required supplies. You use what you have or you can add to your stash along the way.If you’re like me, then you’ll love the sharing and support you get with the Facebook group. It’s really a fantastic bunch of people.

Journal Journey 2015
This is another one of those awesome free groups that you shouldn’t miss out on! This course is hosted by Kreative Koncepts and there’s also a Facebook group that you can be apart of once you sign up. Journal Journey courses are delivered by email, so there’s no searching around for which link you need to go to for the day’s lesson. Like DLP, Journal Journey is a year-long course.

Art, Heart & Healing
Unlike DLP and Journal Journey, Art, Heart & Healing is only an ongoing, work at your own pace 4 week course. This course is hosted by the wonderful Tam from Willowing Arts. This course is open to anyone and focuses on healing and personal development through art. I’ve heard many people recommend this course, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ll also be taking various other free mini courses throughout the year also.

Creative Lovelie in 2015

As I said earlier in this post, I want to be more consistent for y’all. I love sharing my work and other creative things on here, so it’ll be more regular. For the New Year, I plan to post 3 times a week (possibly more?) to keep y’all updated on my projects and post tutorial goodies! I have a lot of things planned for 2015 so stay tuned!!

What are your goals for the New Year? Any special projects you’re looking forward to?


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