Mermaid Mixed Media Canvas

Mermaid Canvas

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you guys what I’ve been working on! I made this lovely mixed media canvas for my best friend (who’s obsessed with the sea life) for Christmas. The only things I didn’t make on this project, were the pearls and the added sparkles (which were a mixture of buttons, rhinestone, and bedazzler thingies).  I used my clay skills to make the mermaid, starfish, seaweed, and anchor.

I found the tutorial for the mermaid on Gabrielle Pallacco’s Youtube here and the tutorial for the canvas here. I highly recommend her channel, she is a very talented person!

I loved the tutorial for the mermaid! It was so easy to follow along and I think i did pretty well for it being my first attempt. For the canvas tutorial, I used it as more of a general guide since I didn’t have a lot of the materials that she used. I kind of just made up my own way, lol!

I hope you enjoy all of the juicy pictures below!


mermaid canvas2 mermaid canvas3mermaid canvas4mermaid canvas5 mermaid canvas6


4 thoughts on “Mermaid Mixed Media Canvas

  1. As soon as I saw this, I knew you must have seen Gabrielle’s tutorial and I mean that as the highest compliment. Yours is gorgeous with your own signature. I love the colors and the mermaid is just flawless.

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