Moving on over!

Hello, Creative Lovelies! And welcome to my new blog! Okay, not really new since I’m just moving from Blogger to WordPress after all of my content was deleted by Blogger (thanks, Blogger techs). For those of you that are new to Creative Lovelie, I’ll give a quick little introduction!

Creating beautiful things is not only a deep passion of mine, but what I turn to when I need to clear my mind. Everyone has a different view of what is beautiful when it comes to art, and thats what is so great about it. There are no wrongs and no rights, just what you see as beautiful. To me, messes always mean something great is going to come out of it! Wether in the craft room or in the kitchen! 

I wanted to create this blog, to showcase all of the beautiful, creative things in the world along with the lovelies who love to create them! My hopes for this blog, is that you can come here for inspiration, tutorials, or to connect with other creative lovelies! Feel free to comment or email with any requests that your like to be featured on here! 🙂

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.” 
― Joss Whedon